Aleph One Images.
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Images Generated by Aleph One.

For more images see my old image gallery. Those images were generated using a modified version of Fractint that never saw the light of day. That experience lead me to create Aleph One!

These are split onto multiple pages to try and help low-bandwidth connections, as the images vary in size from 100Kb-1Mb:

  • Images of the Mandelbrot Set.
  • Custom fractal images.
  • Beware that some of these images have been generated by older versions of Aleph One, so their data blocks may not load, thus causing the current version of Aleph One to reject them. Your mileage will vary! To try to get image parameters in those cases, load the suspect files into a newer version of Aleph One (greater than build_4), and it should give you those details. Otherwise load the images into a good PNG viewer and look for a zTXt (compressed text) block with a key of "Description" which will contain the image parameters in ASCII format. PaintShopPro used to be able to look into such text blocks. See also Support item: [708277] "Cannot load previously saved '.PNG' files." Logo

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