Aleph One Derivative at SC '03.
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Aleph One derivative at Super Computing 2003.

Pictures from SC '03.

These pictures were mainly taken by Weirong, who was at the conference (I wasn't):

  1. A group photo of the attendees. On the back row there's Juan (did the run-time system), Vishal (hardware), Weirong (assembly-level debugger). On the front row: Dr. Hiro Sakane (hardware), Prof. Guang Gao (group leader), Dr. Hu (compiler).
  2. Building up: Vishal erects the UD sign.
  3. Some posters that show the various details of the DIMES/P-2 hardware, Cyclops the software, etc, etc.

    Amongst these you can see the Mandelbrot demo. posters:
    Just to the right of the laptop, the four images at the bottom and the two slides above., this describes the work-stealing algorithm, the thread layout on DIMES/P-2 and an example of the work-stealing in operation.
    The poster second from the left.

  4. Juan demonstrating the running program. Yes, indeedy, here it is! The program actually running on the DIMES/P-2 (an FPA board) chip! You can see the completed Mandelbrot image on the monitor behind the one that says "DIMES". (Yes, complete with GUI (using QT v3.2.1) and colouring (using "Jason's Funky Colour Range Thang ™"). The colouring is post-processing done on the host OS which is RedHat v8-9 (a nasty hybrid). The development was done on Debian testing.)
  5. Prof. Gao demos to some important bod. Logo

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